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Introducing – Lunar Hybrid Media Cloud

Introduction Would you like to be able to capture live TV, Radio, Satellite and Cable and stream them directly over an IP network at any resolution without the headache of building your own satellite farm, data centre, IP network and deploying hundreds of devices?...

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Managing Future Data Loads

Let’s wind back a decade. Mobile phones had basic cameras, the average laptop offered just 16GB storage, and “wearables” was a phrase familiar only to nursing homes. The acceleration of technology’s development since then has been remarkable. We have bigger storage...

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Data Centre Relocation

Data centre relocation is undoubtedly a challenging journey for all involved. Every organisation has different resources and infrastructure requirements that can complicate procedures and it’s vital to consider these extensively for your own business before you begin...

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Who trusts who?

Organisations and governments are under intense pressure to create and maintain trust around data. In a world where data is multiplying at the rate of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day (1 followed by 18 zeros), or 2.5 exabytes if you prefer, consumers and...

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Liquid Immersion Cooling Technology

The Coolest Thing to Enter the Data Centre Landscape You’ve heard of the butterfly effect; where a small thing (such as a butterfly flapping its wings) serves as a catalyst for much larger consequences (causing a typhoon). A similar parallel can be drawn through...

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